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Barb Ritsko Stephens
When I want a workout that turns the cheeks on my face red….Lagrange Yoga is the place to go! The intensity is incredible. The atmosphere is fun! You can do cardio or yoga or both! I never feel as if I am intimidated if I can’t keep up with our instructor. I am always encouraged to work at my own pace but find myself wanting to do more for myself! The great thing is if you take the 10 week package your per-visit price is reduced and it is close to home!
a woman in my 50s with some chiropractic challenges, I thought I would not be able to do yoga. However, Jeannette Benjamin is so patient to help me do what I'm able to do without any pressure to perform.
Sherry Clouser
Jeannette Rocks! I have been working out with Jeannette for the last year. I started with kickboxing and then was thrilled when she added yoga. The energy and enthusiasm she has for these workouts inspires me to do my best. The kickboxing is a great cardio workout balanced by the yoga which helps to relax me. Her Monday night combo of the two workouts is the best workout I have ever attended. With her classes and some changes in my own diet I have been able to lose 25 pounds over the last five months. I contribute a lot of my motivation to Jeannette. Her classes are fun and you get a great workout! I would recommend her classes unconditionally to everyone. The room at Norton’s Martial Arts is conducive to giving a personal feel while allowing you room to work at your own pace so you don’t feel like just another person in the crowd.
Lindsay Andrews
Jeannette's cardio class is the best! It is not too easy, yet not too hard. She always mixes it up by focusing on arms, legs, and abs with some relaxing stretches at the end. Great music and a very laid-back atmosphere, but you'll be sweating for sure!
Amanda Accavallo
I have been training with Jeanette for 7 months and what separates her from any other trainer, other than her mad skills, is how much she genuinely cares about her clients. She arranges for childcare during workout sessions and welcomes the chaos that can come with children and working out! She has cheered me on in my fitness achievements and designed workouts to suit my level. She is an excellent trainer and an excellent person!
Shannon Walls
I have been working out with Jeannette for five years now. She fully commits to the needs of her students and is constantly working to learn and grow for them. This is a very relaxed place to work out at, where everyone fits in and no judging is allowed! Come try a class with her, you will feel great and energized.
SPARTACUS! A serious butt kicking workout for all levels of fitness. A great workout combination of cardio and muscle confusion strength training. 
In the last ten months, I have lost 48lb working out with Jeannette. I am not someone who loves to work out, but for some reason I keep coming back! It must be her. Now she has added a new class and I actually REALLY REALLY ENJOY IT! Yoga with a Kick - it's Cardio-yoga-martial all comes together in a beautiful yogurt of fitness, and for a confirmed couch potato to get off my bubbly rear end out of bed at 9am on Mondays, this is a really big deal. Love the class - it's fun and innovative and you should make a DVD/infomercial and market this [expletive!] to everyone cuz it's ridiculous!
Having some health issues including fybromyalgia. I was in a serious personal slump. Reluctant to sign up, I thought I probably wouldn't be able to do any fitness class, but, knew I needed to start somewhere. I felt totally at ease with Jeannette's "no pressure" instruction style. She encourages the Simple Yoga technique so you are doing what is right for your body, plus adding a little challenge. I have so much more body motion, mobility and a better mind for doing this class! Do yourself a favor and don't put off signing up! You will feel so much healthier and happier.

Leanne Glowaski
Jeannette teaches yoga from her heart, and makes it fun. She takes the extra time to assist those in her class to meet their specific needs. She teaches different ways to do a pose, or provides the necessary props one may need to be more comfortable, reducing any strain, and helping them to maximize their yoga class....

Love & Hugs
Heather Sherrill
Jeannette's yoga class is exactly how I have always thought yoga should be. Her early morning class on Thursday is a great way to get ready for your day, nice gentle stretching, you really feel ready for the day when you are finished. What I like is that I can do it all, no weird or difficult postures. Thanks Jeannette, for a great Thursday morning wake up.


Classes held at LaGrange Yoga (in Tiger Martial Arts Academy)