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Heather Sherrill


Heather began her holistic health and wellness practices over 15 years ago as an avenue for personal growth, healing, and well-being.  Her transformative journey progressed into her becoming a certified facilitator and the founder of Serene Intentions: a Motivational Life Guidance and Meditation service.   Heather has an indescribable intuitive passion to help and support others to live happier, healthier lives, discovering their authentic self, and their true inner beauty.   As a managing cosmetologist for over 20 years she says, “Inner beauty is what truly radiates as outer beauty.”  Heather is an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer, holds certifications in Transformative Meditation, SoulCollage® (a self-discovery creative process) and is also an Advanced Law of Attraction and a Reiki Level II practitioner.  She is dedicated to her own enrichment and practices to continually improve all she provides to others. Heather holds meditation classes on select Sundays (please see calendar).