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Jeannette Benjamin


Jeannette started practicing yoga in 1999 as a way to de-stress, stretch and work on her flexibility. After a few classes she knew that yoga could bring her the balance she was looking for, and compliment her training in martial arts. With continued training in Yoga, it became clear that it was a gift she had to share with others!  Finding and sharing the mind, body, spirit connection in an environment that is light and fun is how she approaches her teaching. Class focus is on letting go of stress through asana and breath work, with an awareness of the body and its alignment. Her students range from pre-schoolers to senior citizens. Her certifications include Yoga, Chair Yoga, Group Exercise, Indoor Cycling, SilverSneakers Classic and Yoga, Cardio Kickboxing, Master of Taekwondo, Hapkido and Reiki Level II. She is the owner of LaGrange Yoga and a co-owner of Tiger Martial Arts.  Her spin, kick boxing and yoga classes take place on Monday evenings. She teaches a Gentle Yoga class on Thursday mornings.