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Schedule Changes and Announcements...


The August calendar will be posted on August 1st!



Restorative Yoga - Sunday Special - August 5th - 7:00pm - Julie 

Summer Sunday Meditation:  Heather moves her meditation classes to the park!  Her next classes are:

Sunday, August 19th and September 16th at 10:30am.  Click here for more information. 


Check our FaceBook page - Lagrange Yoga and Fitness for special events and Julie's pop up classes.  Like our page and ask us to add you to the LaGrange Yoga FaceBook Group, too! Feel free to call Jeannette with any inquiries at 440-213-8933


*Please note - all spin classes must be reserved in advance with the instructor for that class. Cancellations made within 24 hours of class time will be honored. Less than 24 hours will result in you being charged for the class. This protects our instructors and keeps you accountable for your fitness!  Thank you for helping us out.



Monday, August 6 - No 9:15am Spin, No 10:30am Yoga

Wednesday, August 8 - No 9:15am Yoga, No 10:30am Aerobics

Friday, August 10 - No 9:15am Yoga

Wednesday, August 29 - No 5:30am Spin, No 5:30pm HIIT, No 6:10pm Spin 

Friday, August 30 - No 5:30am Spin



Want to see all our classes???  Three Options: 

1 - Quick Class List below.

2 - Google Calendar Link (Click on "Calendar" above. This will link you to all our classes. To access an easier view, click on "agenda" at the right of the calendar to see all of our classes as well as any cancellations or changes

3 - Try the "Printable Schedule" link, below the "Calendar" link to print your very own LaGrange Yoga calendar for your fridge!

                                                                *  *  *  *  *  *                                                         



9:30am Zumba Toning - Annette



5:30am Spin Strong- Karen 330 241 0439

9:15am  Spin - Julie 440 897 9911 (no class August 6)

10:30am Gentle Restorative Yoga - Julie (no class August 6)

5:30pm Spin Interval Training and Yoga Stretch - Jeannette 440 213 8933

6:30pm Kick Box/Circuit/Step Aerobics - Jeannette  

7:15pm All Level Yoga -  Jeannette  



8:45am Dance2Fit - Monica (Class moves back to 9:30am on August 28!) 



5:30am Spin - Karen 330 241 0439 (No class August 29)

8:00am Spin and Yoga Stretch - Jeannette 440 213 8933

9:15 am All Level Yoga Flow - Julie

10:30am Aerobics  - Julie 

5:30pm HIIT - Karen (No class August 29)

6:10pm Spin - Karen 330 241 0439 (No class August 29)

7:00pm Zumba Toning  - Annette



8:00am Gentle Yoga - Jeannette

9:30am Dance2Fit - Monica 



5:30am Spin - Karen 330 241 0439 (No class August 31)

9:15am Advanced Vinyasa Yoga - Julie  



7:50am Zumba Toning - Annette 



When it comes to working out, there are three things to concentrate upon: Flexibility, Strength and Cardio. Our classes offer you those three necessary elements and more: 

Our yoga classes focus on stretching, breathing and balance, overall strength building and core work, teaching you how to calm your body, bring relief to your problem areas and find that elusive mind/body connection. 

Our kickboxing classes incorporate strength training as well as cardio, helping you improve your stamina, burn calories and become strong. We also pay special attention to abs, arms, legs and butts with weights and floor exercises.

Our Zumba classes take you away to a dance party with Latin infused rhythms. It's so fun you don't even realize your are exercising!

Our MetaFit classes are high-intensity interval training circuits designed to get your heart pumping and build strength while you torch fat and define chest, abs, arms, legs and butt. You will continue to burn calories over the next 24 hours.

Our Aerobics classes will help you build or maintain strength with FUN music and dance style moves. 

Sunday Specialty Classes provide a range of new things to try such as finding peace and relaxation with Meditation or Restorative Yoga, learning to protect yourself with Self-Defense, and other fun events. Come and see for yourself! 



Classes held at LaGrange Yoga (in Tiger Martial Arts Academy)